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Experience Hassle-Free Connectivity Across Iceland with Our eSIM

Travel across Iceland with confidence using our eSIM. Enjoy affordable local rates and hassle-free connectivity, ensuring you stay connected without any roaming charges.
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Select your perfect data plans to enjoy 4G LTE

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Benefits of
Iceland eSIM

Roam like a local in Iceland! Add an Iceland eSIM to your mobile device and
enjoy these exclusive advantages.
Reduce Roaming Expenses
Say goodbye to costly roaming fees. With our eSIM, enjoy affordable data rates right within Iceland.
Effortless Setup
Easily activate your eSIM with just a few taps. Get connected quickly and start using your device without delays.
Stay Updated with Flight Info
Never miss an important flight update while traveling across Iceland. Stay informed effortlessly with our reliable connectivity.
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Seamless Network Reliability
Experience uninterrupted service as you explore Iceland. Our eSIM ensures strong coverage wherever your adventures take you.
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Eco-Friendly Choice
Choose a greener option with our digital eSIM. Eliminate the need for physical SIM cards and reduce plastic waste.
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Localized Support
Enjoy the benefit of local customer support tailored to meet the needs of travelers in Iceland, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

What is an eSIM?

An eSIM, short for embedded SIM, is built right into your phone, meaning there’s no physical SIM card to handle. It lets you save your phone line information digitally, directly on your device. For travelers, this means an end to swapping out SIM cards and worrying about roaming fees. 

Just choose your plan, and you're ready to go. The eSIM makes it easy to switch between networks and keep your costs low, all while traveling abroad. It's a simple solution that keeps you connected securely and conveniently wherever your travels take you.

Why Choose Iceland eSIM?

Eliminate the frustrations of traditional data roaming with Iceland eSIM! Say goodbye to costly fees, unexpected charges, and the inconvenience of local SIM cards.

Setting up your Iceland eSIM is easy and fast. There's no need for physical SIM cards or changing your phone number. Just scan the QR code you receive after buying your plan, and you’ll be all set with your chosen data plan in just a few minutes. With the Iceland eSIM, you can stay connected effortlessly while you travel around Iceland, enjoying a smoother trip without common telecom troubles.

How to Purchase and Activate Your Iceland eSIM

Browse and select from our diverse range of data bundles tailored to fit different usage requirements and preferences.
Upon completing your purchase, we will send you an email with a PDF attachment containing a QR code. Scan this QR code to instantly configure your eSIM.
After installation, go to your device's settings and enable Data Roaming to activate your data plan. Your eSIM's validity period starts immediately upon activation.
Monitor your data usage and check the remaining balance of your plan using the Iceland eSIM management portal.

Explore Iceland Like a Local
with Our eSIM!

Keep your eSIM active for up to 12 months and manage family data easily with one account.

Will my eSIM work with any device?

Most modern smartphones, including iPhones (iPhone XR and later), Google Pixel (Pixel 3 and later), and newer Samsung Galaxy models, support eSIM technology. Check your phone’s specifications or consult your manufacturer’s website to confirm compatibility.

Can I keep my home number active while using an Icelandic eSIM for data?

Yes, if your device supports dual SIM functionality, you can keep your home number active for calls and texts while using an Icelandic eSIM for data. Configure which SIM to use for each service in your phone’s settings.

What should I do if my eSIM isn’t working in Iceland?

First, check that Data Roaming is enabled and your eSIM is activated in your device settings. If problems persist, contact our support for assistance.

Why should I use an eSIM when traveling in Iceland?

An eSIM offers convenient, cost-effective, and flexible connectivity, allowing you to avoid expensive roaming fees, switch to local networks for better rates, and maintain seamless connectivity throughout your trip.

Can I install the eSIM before arriving in Iceland?

Yes, you can install the eSIM before your trip. Just make sure not to activate the plan until you arrive in Iceland to avoid premature usage of your data.